5 ways to “Make my friend happy” !

Our friends are a massively important part of our lives. A problem shared is a problem halved, and a joyful moment shared is a joyful moment magnified by a million! So when life gets in the way and we find our buddy in a state less-than-great, we want to do everything we can to make them happy again. From a higher perspective, here are some ways to help your friend find their true inner happiness again.


Talk to your friend about what really makes them happy and encourage these activities. Forget the actual situation they’re facing, and focus on their simple pleasures. Think painting, dancing, writing, favourite magazine, a favourite place. Set up a session doing one of these things they love.


Help your friend identify The Next Step. Progress is the key to moving out of a horrible place and will make you feel alive again. Think of 3 ways – no matter how silly or small they may feel, and TAKE that next step. Feeling like they’re doing something to help themselves will be a big help.


Remind your friend that we have the power to move past anything in life and create our new life from NOW. Grab a notebook and have fun with your friend thinking up and designing your dream life. Then bite the bullet and challenge each other to pursue your dreams!


Ask your friend what music makes them happy (or used to) and make them a playlist. This will make them aware that you’re trying to help, without interfering too much. Happy music sends subliminal messages to the deep dark corners of our minds and will start to subconsciously turn our happy wheels again.


Be silly, giggle, dance, sing, play. Light relief will remind your friend that life’s not all that serious after all, or at the very least take their mind off the crud they’re going through right now. They’ll be so grateful to you PLUS you get to have fun with your friend :)

Remember, your friend is probably experiencing their downtimes to learn & grow, and become stronger, wiser, happier and more aligned with their true happi self. This reminds me of a Happi Card: “The greatest spiritual growth comes from suffering. Let the bad times roll!!”. And it’s true – think of your worst times, and the great choices and changes we made because of them.

Remember, an uphappy person can only make themselves truly happy again when they are ready to move on. You can’t do it for them, so don’t feel bad if the steps above don’t change your friends state, just be there for them when they need you and believe that they will be back at their optimum state as soon as possible.

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