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Happi Tips from super energy channel, Lee!

Lee HarrisI’m very excited about this month’s Happi Tips, as it comes from a new perspective – our first honorary MALE happi citizen! Yay! Lee is a renowned energy teacher and channel based in the UK and soon-to-be USA. Lee’s currently over in Sydney to run 2 workshops about energy awareness – I highly recommend attending!

Welcome to The Happi Empire, Lee! Whilst here in The Happi Empire, know that your dreams are already coming true, you are loved for just being you and you are just where you are meant to be!


Q1. What are your top 3 tips for maintaining a happi mind?

Look after the body: Eat well, drink lots of water and exercise or get sunlight. Understanding that your physical needs will be different to the needs of others. So experiment with different diet and exercise to learn what works for you. Being with good people, nature and animals are also ‘looking after’ the body in my book…!

Remember that life is not promised: I think our expectations and disappointments come from forgetting that every moment we are alive is a gift. As one day we won’t be here, and we never know when that day will be.

Observe the mind: Learn to notice (through practise) when you are having obsessive or worrying/fear based thoughts, and then through that awareness, you can create some change in your doing or being. Meditate, exercise, listen to music, sit in nature and look at the trees or the birds. Thoughts are always linked to emotion, so if you catch yourself having circular thoughts, ask what emotion wants to be released from your body? And put your hands on your stomach, or heart or any other part of you that feels it needs physical support. Love your body some more if your mind is troubling you, as that is the home of the ‘thought seed’.

Q2. How do you integrate these happy tips into your daily life?

I exercise regularly, and drink lots of water. I love walking, and I’ve learnt that doing weights at the gym helps ground me. I work with spirit a lot and am pretty sensitive, so the physical strength helps me bring more energy to my work and life and greater balance to my sensitivity. I can tend toward the feminine so the physical strength helps keep my masculine alive. Which in turn makes my feminine feel more safe to be vulnerable and open here….it’s an inner marriage :-)

I regularly feel gratitude for the life I’m experiencing and I remember that tomorrow is not promised. Some people find that thought morbid – I find it liberating and truthful. It brings me right back to the moment, and to appreciation, every time.

crystalI’ve learnt to observe my states, and if I get out of balance, I apply some of the things that work for me until I rebalance.

I love crystals and holding these for just a few minutes, or placing them on my body works really well for me. Baths or swimming are important too – full water immersion resets the energy field.

Q3. What advice can you offer citizens that are going through tough times?

To talk to people about it and trust that everything changes with time. I wrote a song called ‘Time’ (check it out on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5B1lOmU5LM ) about that moment when you’re in the bottom of the well. I’ve been there and I’m sure many of you have. You come back stronger and clearer for it though, but when you’re in it, it’s important to acknowledge it might take time, and to get support when and where you can. And to see ‘distress’ as a physical illness. If you were physically ill, you would take to your bed or take a certain kind of medicine. Tough times are hard on the nervous system, so look after the body well – eat well, wash regularly for cleansing, put soothing music and scents around you when possible, seek positive influences either through people or affirming videos on YouTube for example. And nurture your body in a bigger way than normal in tough times, as this will help release the energy shock or stress you are under. Write an affirmation of where you want to reach in the future too, so you have some future direction working through you.

Q4. And finally, what dream are you creating this year for your beautiful self?

I am moving to America in late summer. It has been a ‘pull’ in me since 2009, and a year after starting the process, I have just received approval on a live/work Visa. A new adventure begins, and I’m excited.

Also, coming to Australia for the first time in July is super exciting to me! I have a feeling it will be the first of many trips….

Thankyou Fran and love to all readers!

Lee xx


Lee Harris is a channeler, intuitive and energy teacher who, since 2004, has worked on empowering people to breakthrough their limitations and experience their greater awareness through personal sessions, recordings and worldwide seminars. His monthly energy forecasts are free and full of energy tips, and are found at www.leeharrisenergy.com

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