Gratitude Journal

Happi products for your clients

Are you a coach, teacher or practitioner?

The Happi Empire range contains some useful tools that can be packaged & offered to your clients, to support them on their empowerment journey. All products are available at hefty discounts for small bulk orders – please contact Fran for pricing & quantity details.

Awesome ways to use happi products in your practice:

Workshop senario

Have a pack of Happi Cards on hand for everyone to pick at an appropriate moment. This will help your clients turn inside and tune in to their inner wisdom. Give each participant a deck to take away at the end as a special surprise – this will add value & work as an anchor for what you’ve taught them – whenever your client uses Happi Cards, they will be reminded of the beautiful workshop.

Retreat senario

Include a Gratitude Journal in your retreat package. This can be a fantastic focus each morning, to get your group in an appreciative & relaxed state for the day.

Consultation senario

Include a Gratitude Journal or Happi Maintenance Pad in your consultation package. If your package is over a certain time period, this will support your client in their daily practice, to keep focused on positive thoughts and keep their mind on the goal.

Therapy senario

Offer happi products to clients that come for therapy, as a way to help support them in moving forward with the issue they’re working through.


If you’re not a coach, teacher or practitioner, you are welcome to bulk discounts too [yay, make all your friends happi at once!].

See what other coaches are saying…

The Happi Empire and my brand (Krista Jane) are like best friends – they know what each other is thinking.  I’ve used Happi Cards and the Gratitude Journals as gifts in packages and in special programs.  The ‘creating’ page in the journal is my favourite and totally compliments the work I do. It’s just another special little take away for my clients.

~ Krista Jane, Passion & Purpose coach,