Sun breaking through darkness

Changing negative days to positive ones

Those negative days, you know them well. You wake up and feel like you have to drag your body out of the comfort zone of your bed. You get to the kitchen to find no cereal left and start running through excuses with which you could call in sick for.

You’re in a negative spiral. It’s time to catch yourself and turn things around. Don’t let yourself come across another thing to make your day worse. Instead, take these steps towards turning your day around and actually having a pretty good day.

Take yourself into a comfortable quiet space before you go any further.

Sit down and breathe. Take 3 deep breaths, imagining them coming in & out of your heart chakra, right in the centre of your chest. This deep breathing brings you into the present moment and connects you to your inner wisdom. Here, everything is OK, you’re comfortable, present and connected to your inner source of peace.

Give yourself a hug.

This provides you with a sense of support. We all have a higher self, which represents our unconditional love & inner wisdom, and your higher self is more accessible in peaceful moments. Your higher self is courageous, strong, wise and resides in the source of love. That is what you’re surrounding yourself in right now.

Say this to yourself:

‘Beautiful soul, I know today has started off like a pile of shit, sprinkled with mould, but because I love you and have your highest happiness in sight, let’s turn it around. Today is going to be a positive day. I fill today with gentle, peaceful moments of self-love and respect. I notice the present moment more than the past or future, and in the present moment I am safe, empowered and optimistic”.

Treat yourself on the way to wherever you’re heading next.

This is a treat from your higher self. When we give & receive, we feel in the flow. There’s no reason why this giving & receiving can’t be to yourself.

Face situations throughout the day with an attitude of forgiveness.

Forgiveness, otherwise known as letting go, is a bit like saying ‘Fuck it’ to a shitty situation or feeling. Releasing your attachment to a seemingly negative situation gives you freedom to move through the rest of your day with a lighter heart.