3 mega benefits of positive affirmations, plus 7 affirmations to try out

Working with affirmations is an empowering experience.

Whether you’re using some awesome ready made affirmations or you’ve created your own perfect personal affirmation, the act of consciously choosing and using a new thought pattern puts you yards ahead of the usual automatic human thought process.

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#1 » Affirmations open you up to new possibility

When you start using a new affirmation, the statement may seem untrue for you. This is a good thing, as the point of an affirmation is to open you up to a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking won’t be automatic for you yet, but thinking about the possibility of it being true will open you up to new possibilities in your life, that you were completely closed to before.

#2 » Affirmations empower you to create your own happy belief set

Using affirmations is so freaking empowering! You get to choose what you want to think, you decide how quickly you feel you can inherit this new belief, you decide exactly what you’re doing it for and why. No one else needs to be involved, and taking on an affirmation is a simple as the reminders you set in place to support you in the process. Use sticky notes around your home, in your car. Use your phone reminder to bleep a few times through out the day. Stick a note in your wallet so it’s in your face whenever you reach for your debit card. You have the power to change your beliefs.You decide when, how, where & what. Yay :D

#3 » Affirmations are totally flexible and creative

You can program yourself to learn whatever you want to believe! Whatever your situation in life with money, friends, health or happiness, you can create an affirmation that will suit your situation perfectly, and move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Feel you lack friends or wholesome relationships?

“I enjoy wonderful, trusting, happy relationships with people I love”

Work in a joy-sucking 9-5 job that you can see no way out of?

“Awesome opportunities come to me every day to allow me to break free and find a vocation i LOVE!”

Feel totally useless at committing to changing your beliefs?

“I am committed to gifting myself with happy new beliefs because I love myself and I deserve to be happy”

Utilise this powerful personal affirmation creator to unveil your perfect affirmation.

Affirmations for inner happiness

I recently shared theses 7 affirmation balls on my Happi Empire facebook page – feel free to print them out, stick em on your wall, use them to help you transform even more of yourself into happiness :D

When an issue arises, i look within to see what it is trying to teach me. Then I let it go with love and gratitude

I am a beautiful limitless soul with everything I need at my fingertips

I release old conditioned beliefs that no longer serve me. I am free!


I am totally loved and accepted just as I am. by me.


I have an unlimited resource of courage & determination. I call on that power now

i follow the path of least resistance. my life is filled with ease, grace and joy

i can do anything i set my mind to. i am a powerful, courageous creator

Share which affirmation most strongly resonates with you at the moment!

Have you seen the Affirmation Creator?