Express Yourself

How to Express Yourself – mind, body and spirit

It feels SO good to express yourself. Do you know the feeling?

express yourself

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Dancing like no ones watching, articulating just the right message, creating something that fulfils your soul.

It’s one of the reasons we’re manifested here on this beautiful planet – to be 100% totally and utterly US. To express our minds, bodies and spirits the way the is uniquely perfect to each and every one of each.

When we express our true selves, we:

  • Attract just the right person / situation, as we’re vibrating on that oh-so-right frequency for us
  • Feel in the flow, alive and free
  • Show others that it’s OK
  • Feel inner happiness – that beautiful feeling of joy you get, not from an outside source (car / man / clothes), but from deep within your spirit
  • Lead the way towards more cutting edge ideas, expressions and inventions – the more we be ourselves, the more awesome, unique things that manifest in the world

Is there a certain point in life where you feel more able to express yourself? I think yes.

For me, I’ve just had a year of hell, giving up all that I love to care for my poorly mama bear, feeling a barrage of horrible emotions.

Coming out the other side, I want to LIVE LIFE. Do what makes me happy. F*** the opinions of others (ok, working on this!)! And POO to my ego mind, always telling me I won’t be accepted if I dance in the street, pull funny faces on instagram or say a naughty word. Like F***. heehee.

From now on, I will express myself freely, care less about what others may think of me and more about how these awesome expressions make me feel, and in turn, heal the world, in their own little ways.

So folks, this is my declaration to myself. Will you join me? And keep me accountable?!

Ways to express yourself

Painting / poem / singing / journalling / cooking / dancing / writing / clothes / hairstyle / articulation / make music / blogging / acting / take photographs / decorate your home

Meditate to get in touch with how your soul wants to express itself. What makes you excited?

Expression role models

Here’s some AWESOME people who are expressing themselves – mind / body / spirit. Let’s suck in their light and breathe it down through our souls, busting out through our joyful pores like wild animals in the night! Raaarrrr!

Laura Hames-Franklin

A dancer, online biz whizz, metaphysical energy shifter and overall goddess of expression. Laura started #wedanceday – where you basically dance to a happi choon on video!

Every time I watch a vid, I feel myself twitching in my seat, throwing some mental moves in my head and leading a charge to the lounge where I can let loose! It is my dream to take part in a live #wedanceday with Mrs H-F! This vid below is one of many #wedanceday videos.

Check them all out here.

Visit Laura’s website:

Flora Bowley

A painter, yogi, funky lady extraordinaire, paints such inspiring paintings and runs courses (onine & offline), teaching you how to express your own unique spirit through painting. Check out this video of Flora creating a masterpiece & be inspired!

Visit Flora’s website:

Danielle La Porte

A visionary, author, poet, motivational speaker, blogtrepreneur. Check out this ‘Make it happen’ video, and try not to be excited about creating your dreams!

Visit Danielle’s website:

How do you express yourself? Mind, body and spirit?