Website design in progress

Notice something different around here?

Oh dear, I’ve gone and done it again, I’ve redesigned the website!

It’s dangerous having graphic & web design skillz. My hands have a mind of their own and before you know it, it’s all change!

Website design in progress


But this time, there’s actually a bit of a deeper, more authentic meaning to the change.

You see, I’ve changed. The old website design no longer resonated with my core message. The change had been bubbling up for a year or more and I’m sure it’s still happening too (so there will probably be more changes to come), but here are a few key elements about the change:

New responsive websiteTechnically speaking, it’s better for mobile

The website is now much easier to view on a mobile device, and seeing as 40% of you are roaming The Happi Empire on the move, this needed to happen!

Pastel colours reflect a higher vibration

Due to various deep shiz going down in my personal life, my spiritual practice has deepened. Spirit was my way out, the way I could trust life again. It’s all very serious and some beautiful gems have bloomed from my experiences, which have given me some amazing fuel for even better future happi tools.

The point is, that I feel much calmer and more gentle within myself. My desires in life have changed, I don’t feel the desperation so much for worldly achievement. The spiritual path has all gold I need. The colours and symbols in the new design reflect my renewed spiritual focus and my calming, trusting outlook.

I’m all grown up

I’m just had my 31st birthday. I feel like an adult for the first time in my life!

The original happi design & vibe sprouted when I was 19. My spiritual and design journeys have both matured since then. The design isn’t grown up by most people’s standards, but by my childlike 6yr old standards, it’s a step into teenage-hood!

Frances VerbeekIt’s more personal

I’ve always contended with this one. Online business marketers say you need to be quite personal online and have your face and personality in everything that you do. Although my friends and family know me as fun & loud, I’m a bit of a shy kinda girl when it comes to *strangers* … reflecting on this, I feel that my energy is super sensitive, so putting myself out there to the masses would be too much exposure, energetically.

On the other hand, I think my brand confused people. Often when someone would contact me, they would say ‘hi happi empire’ or ‘hi guys’, as if I was a we. It felt disconnected. I felt like I had created my big spiritual mission with every inch of my heart, but no one could connect with me through it, because of the business facade in the way!

So, I’ve bunged my face on the home page in the hope that I can connect with you on a more personal level. I have also started recording videos too! hehe! I’m not a natural, I remind myself of an excited 12 yr old, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere! ;)

Spiritual stuff

Over the next year or so, I plan to become a certified meditation teacher and deepen my yoga practice so that one day I can become a Satyananda yoga teacher. I’m booked up for Reiki 2 next month, and can already feel the reconnection to that amazing life force energy streaming through my palms.

I’m initiating these new wonderful things in my life, so that I can offer Workshops, Experiences and Retreats in future! I want to combine energy work, yoga, workbooks, dancing, laughing, eating and playing to create memorable, life-changing moments for you. And me. It will be great!

Chakra symbols


Anyway, I hope the changes make you happy and you don’t miss the old colours too much :) Let me know what you think! Who knows, I might even get a comment on my blog one of these days… hint hint ;)

Love moi xx