Gentle allowing energy

Something not flowing in your life? Try this…

Gentle allowing energy
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For the last 10 years, I’ve had a burning desire to create a successful business that offers inspiration and support to people going through a shit time. [ Welcome to The Happi Empire ;) ]

Businesses take a lot of work in so many different areas. Lots of hats must be worn and overwhelm has kept me in procrastination for months on end, at times, due to my belief that I must try and work and harder and why aren’t you working? :O

Have you experienced this in business, or perhaps even a different area of your life, like relationships?

I’ve had many bouts of pushing to succeed. These times have been stressful, have produced results, but felt like a massive effort, forced & inauthentic.

Then there’s been other times that have felt very different. Here, I’ve given myself time and space to be. Inspiration flows in this space and I allow whatever energy flowing through me to express itself.

These gentle times of allowing have also produced results. Great results.

Both actions bring results, but the softer, more gentle, allowing practice is so much more pleasurable, authentic, love-filled, easy, fills me up with energy and everything flows so beautifully.

This reminds me of the Yin / Yang dynamic.

Yin is the feminine energy of allowing. Yang is the male energy of action. A balance of both energies is the perfect goal. Some tasks need yang, some are more suited to ying.

Our culture is more yang. School teaches us we must work hard. Jobs teach us we must work long hours and internet dating sites tell us we need to go out trying to find love.

I believe, when it comes to matters of the heart, whether self-love, business-love, relationship-love, YING is where it’s at. It’s heart based energy, therefore needs to be inline with how that energy works. Gentle, soft, flowing, generous, safe, comfortable.

This ‘Allowing / Action’, Yin / Yang theory can be applied to so many things in your life.

In relationships…

Are you pushing for something that isn’t working or flowing? Have you tried a softer approach of allowing and flowing through the experience? How could this change things for you?

My personal experience of allowing, rather than trying, brought me my dream fiancé, after years of dating people that weren’t right.

In work…

We’re taught to try and push and try again in our culture. Personally, I have experienced extreme stress & overwhelm from this style of living.

What if you took a step back and allowed? What if everything happened at the perfect time, when all the cogs click into place and it just flows effortlessly for you?

In spiritual growth and personal development…

It’s fun to go to workshops and it’s exciting to discover new techniques and tools. These are totally awesomely valuable. But the real development and growth, personally and spiritually, comes from reflecting on your experiences, feelings and challenges.

I’ve learned it’s not about trying. Allowing is what it’s all about here. Yes, set your alarm to get up for yoga, and yes have your reminders to meditate. But do it because it makes you feel great, not because you have to.

Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t ever try, work hard or take action. It’s more of a chat about how Yin energy can be overlooked more often than not, and isn’t necessarily the obvious choice in our culture.

A balance of Yin and Yang, Allowing and Action, is what we need. My point is that maybe we take too much action and forget to allow. I know, for sure, I do.


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So how do you move into a space of allowing?

This is where it gets totally yummy. Cuz what you basically need to do, is get really comfy, really safe, really distraction-free, turn off the frickin social media and breathe. Grab your journal.

To kickstart your allowing-ness, ask yourself these juicy questions:

What area of my life have I been pushing in? Is this working for me?

Do I feel stuck, overwhelmed, over worked?

How can I invite more flow in? What can I do to let go?

What would it look like if I allowed my life to flow, without pushing or trying?

What miracles could happen? How would this feel?


Now let it flow.


Has anything awesome ever happened to you, after you gave up trying so hard?

Let me know in the comments below – let’s encourage each other to let go and flow! xxx