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4 more spiritual teachers to light up your path

As a follow on from the last post about my spiritual teachers, below are 4 more spiritual teachers that have been instrumental on my spiritual development journey. Hopefully you will resonate with one and can feel inspired <3

Eckhart TolleEckhart Tolle

His main topic: Using techniques to live in the present moment, to undo the ego & become enlightened.

Why I like him: He is very humble and has an adorable energy. He’s one of few teachers that I have felt holds the key to true enlightenment, true cessation of suffering and undoing of the ego.

Where to find him: www.eckharttolle.com/

Don’t miss: The Power of Now, a book that took me 8 years to read, because I wasn’t quite ready for the depth of message the first time around!

Paramahansa YoganandaParamahansa Yogananda

His main topic: Enlightenment through the science of Yoga. True yoga.

Why I like him: He was an absolute master, a yogi from India that relays jaw dropping stories of other enlightened people. He also brought yoga to the west.

Where to find him: In spirit, but his teachings live on in the physical world here.

Don’t miss: Autobiography of a Yogi, the book that will challenge much you believe about the world as you know it!

Gary RenardGary Renard (and Arten & Pursah)

His main topic: True forgiveness that undoes the ego and brings deep healing of the unconsciousness, to become enlightened. Gary teaches clarity around what A Course In Miracles teaches.

Why I like him: He’s funny, very down-to-earth and honest. And he knows ACIM extremely well! He works with 2 enlightened beings Arten & Pursah, who share amazingly enlightened information.

Where to find him: www.garyrenard.com/

Don’t miss: Gary’s 3 books – The Disappearance Of The Universe, Your Immortal Reality and Love Has Forgotten No One. All his books will change your life and will help you understand A Course In Miracles.

Inna SegalInna Segal

Her main topic: How thoughts and belief systems effect the body and how to heal disease with the mind.

Why I like her: She’s doing work that not many people are, her book is my bible whenever I experience a physical symptom – what’s the message? What is ready to be released and shift?

Where to find her: innasegal.com

Don’t miss: The Secret Language of Your Body, a book that every health practitioner (plus anyone with a body!) can learn to heal themselves from :D



Have you heard of these teachers? Are you drawn to check any of them out? Let me know what you think!