5 signs you need a retreat

5 signs you need a retreat

Have you been on retreat before?

I went on my first retreat when I was 19 and it changed my life! It opened me up to new ways of living, starting from a place of wellness & empowerment.

I love retreats, mainly for the self-development aspect – you get to spend focused time on you. Find out what’s working, what’s not. I personally find it hard to listen to my true soul desires unless I stop, get some space & focus in. A retreat is the perfect environment for that.

On retreat, you experience little shifts & a whole lot of relaxation. When you’re relaxed, that’s when inspiration can most easily get through to you. You know – that lovely feeling of connection, knowing and gentle pulling towards something that will bring you joy?

There are a  variety of retreats to choose from, depending on how deeply you will brave to go within! There are health retreats, yoga retreats, healing retreats, self love retreats, meditation retreats, spiritual development retreats… the list goes on.

So, are you wondering if a retreat can help you right now? Let’s see how many of these you say ‘yes’ to…

5 signs you need a retreat

So, lovely soul, if you answered YES to more than a couple of these signs, consider looking into going on a retreat. The outcome is priceless – you can’t buy peace, knowing & clarity.

Check out the Dream Fuel Retreat – an at-home guided retreat to let go of the old and create the new!

If you ever have any questions about retreats or anything this website relates to, send me a message, i would love to give you any advice i can! xox

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