Ask Love to direct your thoughts

How to get Love to direct your thoughts

Your mind is way more powerful than the daily tasks we give it.

You can choose to consciously give Love permission to direct your thoughts in every situation today. Subtly, the higher power of which we’re all connected to, will influence your day.

Love will power up all your decisions & perspectives. Your day will look quite different from how it could have been. Think:

  • Arguments avoided
  • Road rage halted
  • Anxiety soothed
  • Perspectives shifted

How to give Love (God / Spirit / Source / Universe) permission to direct your thoughts

All our experiences are sourced from the mind. We are reviewing this life movie through our minds. Think of the mind as a projector. If you want to tweak the movie, you can’t do it on screen, you’ve got to head straight to the source. In this case, the projector of the movie is our mind.

So, in your mind, a quick chat with Love is all that’s needed:

“Hey Love, please direct my thoughts today, so I can radiate out oneness, spread light & undo the ego. Thanks!”