Can gratitude be taught? 100%!

Can gratitude be taught? 100%!

The short answer: Yes 100,000,000% !!!

The medium answer:

Gratitude is a natural reaction to feeling happy and loved. On the flip side, if you’re feeling down, you can use gratitude techniques to connect with those feelings of happiness and being loved.

It is a choice, it’s a way of thinking, a way to use your mind.

We’ve all come across a happy person that seems naturally grateful and wondered how they can be like that. We probably even made a judgement that went a little something like “it’s alright for her, she’s got the perfect life / had a great upbringing / has a wonderful relationship and perfect kids”.

This is not the case, as it’s not possible to have a perfect life here on earth. Every single human has a challenge that you don’t know about. I’ve had people question my happiness a few times before. “is she always like that?” they ask my husband. “Hell no!” husband replies. Haha!

The more you practice seeing the light, being kind, letting things go and being appreciative of things, the more naturally grateful you will become.

It is easy to dwell in misery, anger, hatred. We’ve been doing it for lifetimes. It’s the human condition.

The most powerful tool you have is choosing your thoughts.

We have 2 thought systems available to us. Love and fear. We can only choose one thought system, as they directly oppose each other. My personal spiritual practice is to try and choose the Love thought system every single day.

It is easy to believe thoughts floating through our mind that are sourced in fear. But this is only because we are so ingrained in believing those thoughts.

Join me in choosing Love in every situation! Join me in the daily practice of remembering, of letting go and being grateful. It’s hard work – you have to watch your mind like a hawk and it’s a lifetime practice. But life becomes so much easier, happier and fulfilling through this perspective.

My Gratitude Journal is a fantastic tool to train your mind to focus on the positive. It’s scattered with ‘deep dive’ exercises for inner happiness and is a handy, physical guide to help you choose lighter thoughts.

Front cover of Gratitude Journal