How to practice intuitive self care

How to practice intuitive self care

There’s so much out there about self care these days. It’s so cool that it’s gone so mainstream (even my NHS doctor mentioned it!). However it can be confusing and overwhelming about exactly how to practice self care and what to do.

Simplify your self care by honing in on the source

Do you ever have a big week and feel like you’ve got no headspace to figure out how to look after yourself? Or maybe you’ve got a million things on your ‘self care to-do list’, which just feels overwhelming, so you end up sitting on the sofa watching reality TV, eating chocolate?

I totally get it. I feel like this sometimes too! The great news is, we can practice intuitive self care! This gives us access to a stream of wisdom that tells you exactly what you need, personally, in each moment of your life.

Your inner guidance system will show you what to do

Instead of trying to remember exactly which self care technique you need for each moment of your life, or worrying that something won’t work, take a moment to check in. Take a few deep breaths and ask your higher self what you need right now.

Listen your intuition. Intuition comes as a thought, idea, or an inner sense. It has a peaceful nature, which is how you can tell that it’s intuition. It is a gentle suggestion, which is why you need to first get peaceful to hear it.

Sometimes we can feel too stressed or anxious to tap in. If this is case, you need to focus on self soothing activities until you feel calmer. This could look like cancelling everything, taking time alone and counting 20 conscious breaths.

Follow these steps to practice intuitive self care:

#1 Turn your attention inwards to see if you’re ready to connect to your intuition. If you are ready, jump to step 3! If not, move on to step 2.

#2 If you’re feeling too anxious to hear your intuition, activate extreme self soothing. Focus on your breath and count 20 inhales and exhales. This will take the edge off your stress. Depending on how anxious you are, you may need to take more time to work on lowering your stress levels, which you can read more about on my blog.

#3 Take a deep breath and consciously connect to your higher self, the Universe or God – whatever feels right to you.

#4 Ask for guidance on how to look after yourself in this moment. “How can I best support myself right now?”. 

#5 Your intuition will filter through as gentle suggestions that will be very personalised. It could involve another person, a book, an activity or food. Wherever you’re at, it will suit your situation.

#6 Practice! The more you practice intuitive self care, the better you’ll get at hearing the guidance.

Intuitive self care is awesome as it really simplifies things. It means you only have one place to go when you feel unclear, overwhelmed or can’t do it all. It is always there, waiting to be accessed. Hooray!