How to help children with negative thoughts

A mind full of dread

I remember spending hours dreading school events or thinking scary thoughts when I was a child.

I was worried my parents would die, I was worried everyone would laugh at me at school, I was petrified of talking in front of my class. I remember fully putting ALL my conscious energy into worrying about these things, almost like I had an inkling that if I did this, it would protect me against the feared outcomes.

This wasn’t a constant state, but I certainly remember many times alone in my room at night, when these thoughts would cloud my head from time to time.

If only I had known about the nature of thoughts as a child, I would have been much happier and no doubt taken more chances and got a upper hand on fear in my adult years, as a consequence.

What do I do with a negative thought?

Giving a child the knowledge and power to deal with thoughts in a different way will be life changing. And Fiona Maria Williams is doing just that!

Fiona is an author and teacher of A Course In Miracles, and writes books and inspiring card decks to help both adults and children understand and deal with their minds better.

Her most recent gorgeous children’s book, ‘What do I do with a Negative Thought?’ is peppered with adorable illustrations. It was created to teach kids they have a choice about how to deal with negative thoughts. If only this was around when I was young!

'What to do with a negative thought' BookThe book helps the reader to understand how to recognise a negative thought, what not to do with negative thoughts and then what to do with negative thoughts!

“Most importantly, you don’t need to believe in the negative thought!”.

If you have children or care for children in any capacity, I believe teaching them these skills is invaluable and will set them up for so much more happiness in life. As I was reading through the book, I realised that I was learning too! Often when things are presented so simply, it lights up adults brains too! (We’re all big kids really aren’t we? ;) )

The book is written for a parent or teacher to read alongside the child. I love this format as it creates dialogue at home, or school, around the idea that thoughts are just like clouds, which you can either grab onto or let them pass on by. 

Imagine a world where this is taught in mainstream education! Our world would be blessed with a generation of humans with a positive belief system. The decisions and behaviours of such a generation would be profound. All children should be issued one on birth!

Please check out Fiona’s book here: and share the teachings with the children in your life.

Fiona’s website is full of helpful tools, like her card decks, books, posters AND she teaches online classes for adults to better understand the principles of A Course In Miracles, which I have also done and found incredibly helpful.