How to identify your life lessons

How to identify your life lessons

I started The Happi Empire to share knowledge and inspiration all about realigning with your innate inner happiness.

The only reason we’re not vibing in this state now, is due to layers of belief we’ve accumulated over lifetimes.

So the aim of the game is to undo these layers of belief – to dissolve whatever is blocking you from becoming aware of your true state of being.

How do I identify what I need to dissolve?

Every life we’re born into, we come in to learn a unique set of lessons, in order to dissolve a bunch of gunk.

You will have a sense of what your personal life lessons are by looking at what you find particularly hard in life.

What do you find hard?

Take a moment now to grab a pen and jot down what you find hard, upsetting or scary. How do each of things make you feel?

This list in front of you, no matter how long or short, is what you’ve come in to learn about in this life. And ideally, release.

Astrology natal chart

Another way to better understand your life lessons is with Astrology. Astrology isn’t just your ‘star sign’. There are 8 planets with different meanings effecting you in 12 different areas and there are a bunch of other aspects that define and detail so much info about your life path.

You have a sun sign, more commonly known as the start sign, you also have a moon sign and so many more!

The natal chart details where the planets were when you were born and provide quite detailed information about lessons and focuses of your life.

Having your astrology chart done by an esoteric astrologer will help you to understand what your characters main spiritual assignments are.

Know yourself, honour yourself

Once you have a broad understanding of the life lessons you need to overcome in this life, it’s much easier to separate yourself from this character that you’re playing.

When you’re disassociated, the emotional reactions become less intense and it becomes easier to work on dissolving the blocks to the awareness of your true state, which is pure love.

Life will show you

You don’t particularly need to be fully aware of your life lessons, as life will serve you up situations connected to your life lessons that you’ll have to face.

The difference in being aware of it or not, is that you can prepare. You can learn and understand more about your personal life lessons, so that when they come up, you’ll have more tools and understanding to face, process and release whatever you need to.

I hope this gives you a little more understanding around your spiritual path and an opportunity to detach a little more from the ego.

Fran xo