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What triggers anxiety, depression and frustration?

This is my first YouTube video – no sniggering hehe! I’ve always wanted to bring the happi message to you in as many creative ways as possible and as video is such an awesome platform to share info, I needed to give it a go!

This video is about what triggers negative feelings you may be experiencing and how to take back control of these feelings in your life. I’ve used this technique so many times on my happi journey and it definitely works. The hardest part is honouring yourself enough to take the time to actually do the work.

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Here’s the transcript:

Hi! I’m Fran from The Happi Empire and this video is about how to deal with things in life that trigger anxiety, depression and frustration.

What is a trigger?

A trigger is an event, behaviour or words that upset you, because it triggers negative beliefs in your subconscious mind.

Hmm… Gimme an example…

For example, you go on a date but they don’t call you back afterwards. This might trigger a subconscious belief that you’re not worthy of love. Which makes you feel entirely shit. Because feelings follow thoughts.

OK, so what should I do?

Do some soul work. Firstly, work out what triggers you. What is the event, person or behaviour that’s triggering you?

Then work out what thought this is bringing up in your mind that hurts. When you’re triggered, what does it make you think about yourself and your life?

When you’ve worked out this belief, you have the key to dissolving this trigger. These trigger events will only hurt you as long as you believe the negative thought in your mind. Once you’ve weeded out and changed this belief, you simply won’t be bothered by the trigger event anymore.

How can I change this belief?

This depends on the belief a bit, but something that can work for every belief is positive self talk, like a mantra or affirmation. Imagine what someone that loves you and thinks you’re the best thing ever would say. Or what you would say to someone you love if they had this belief.

Beliefs seem so real and unchangeable!

Beliefs are just bags of words that we decided to make true and mean something. It’s down to you to say NO MORE! And do the work to change these beliefs.

It’s down to you!

Just give yourself some time to do the soul work – it doesn’t need to be longer than a few minutes really. This is the stuff that will really change your life. When you have different core beliefs, you behave differently and will attract different experiences. So give it a go sugarplum!

You can totally DO THIS!!!