How to get motivated and dissolve procrastination

How to get motivated and dissolve procrastination

Did you set any goals or intentions at the beginning of the year? Do you feel like you’re making good progress or like it’s really hard to take consistent action?

Even if you go so far as making a decision & sitting down to do the work, procrastination can sneakily chip away at your time, disguised as Very Important Deadline Tasks. ⁠

The truth is: Procrastination is fear keeping you stuck.

But that’s ok! It’s normal to be a little paralysed when we’re starting to step up and claim things we may not yet feel worthy of.

So your first task may not actually be on your list yet. Your more important first task might be a foundational shift in mindset, so everything can easily flow into alignment with your vision!

Take 5 mins with these journaling prompts to shift into a stronger mindset:⁠⠀

👉 Do I feel worthy of this dream? Do I deserve it? Do I think, deep down, that I could actually achieve this?⁠

👉 If not, why not? What thoughts & beliefs are blocking the flow? Write them out. ⁠

👉 Look at these thoughts. They are things you once thought & decided to believe for yourself.

But today is a new day, magical soul. And you are a different person now. You want new experiences & you’re ready to change, it’s just these pesky mind-sentences holding you back!⁠⠀

Are you ready for The Work? 👈⁠

1. Scribble those mofos out
2. Replace each one with incredibly empowering, loving statements that support your new role. As if Eckhart Tolle or Louise Hay were writing them just for you!⁠⠀
3. Now read them every day for a week. And you WILL feel a shift.

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