6 steps to manifest practically & spiritually

6 steps to manifest your dream life practically AND spiritually!

I love the process of manifesting! It feels exciting, expansive and limitless – do you feel the same?

I’m a big fan of the woowoo side of manifesting, but being a practical, grounded and sensible taurus type, I also love the practical side of creating my dreams. In order to create your dream, the two need to work hand in hand.

If you try to create your dreams without getting your soul onboard, it will feel hard, tedious and overwhelming. If you try to create your dream with your mind and spirit, but without any practical action, it’s unlikely that much progress will take place.

Here’s how to combine the 2 and manifest your dreams practically and spiritually!

1. Let go of previous opinions and experiences

Step one is to make sure your past isn’t holding you back. Use forgiveness, meditation, ritual or journalling to let go of the past and any mental attachments to outcomes that you felt were failures. Everything is a step on the path to success.

2. Take time to dream big, without limits.

This is the moment to engage in all the woowoo techniques there are. Vision boards, visualisations and daydreaming, rituals, crystals etc. Bring in all the details, feelings and scenarios that make your soul happy, surrounding this dream. Bathe in the good feelings and get really clear on what you truly want.

3. Take your dream and break it into a plan.

Create a practical goal out of your dream and give it a time limit. Not too long, not too short. I like working in 3 month blocks, and having a year’s overview of the grand plan. Use a practical planning method to ensure that your dream is achievable and measurable.

4. Do a mind inventory

At the beginning of the process, you consciously let go of experiences and beliefs that might be holding you back. However, a lot of resistance surfaces when you work on dream goals. Your ego mind tries to trip you up multiple times along the way. This is down to long held core subconscious beliefs. Common ones are “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve it”, “Who I am to do this”.

Our thoughts and beliefs inform our feelings, which in turn informs our actions. So if you let negative beliefs hold you back, you won’t be able to stay on track with your dreams. Resistance will knock you down before too long. So an imperative part of manifesting your dreams is to take regular mind inventories along the way. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is by answering questions in your journal about what thoughts are popping up. “What am I thinking?”, “Is it true?”, “Why do I have this thought?”.

5. Take action

After you’ve done the mind inventory, your slate will be clean and this is the best time to take action on your dream, whilst resistance is at bay for a little while! Get into alignment with your soul and take action.

6. Fill your life with play and fun

Finally, this one is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most energising, confidence-building ways to keep you going on the path to dream-fulfilment! When you have regular playtime, you are more relaxed, you feel more supported, connected and your intuition can more easily be heard. This will look different to everyone, but by filling your free time with things that are uplifting, fun and energising will fuel your dream to the max.

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