5 Ways To Create Your Dreams During Lockdown

5 Ways To Create Your Dreams In Lockdown

How many of your dreams and plans got crushed when we entered lockdown in March 2020? I had about 5 solid, exciting plans to work towards for 2020 – both personal & business – that all had to be changed, cancelled or put on hold. It felt so disappointing, but at the time we were ‘all in it together‘ and it felt like it would all be over in a few months.

Now, almost a year later, the UK is in it’s 3rd long-term lockdown and this one is expected to last for at least 3 months. This could be dangerously demoralising for many. It might feel like all your hopes and dreams have been distinguished once again and maybe the world won’t ever go back to normal again.

But there are STILL ways to work towards your dreams! Working on your dream gives you hope and a positive focus whilst our world is in turmoil. One thing we can be sure of is change. This situation will change, we just don’t know when. Don’t let the new normal hold you back from utilising the lovely New Year’s energy of looking forwards and making positive changes in your life.

Choosing where to spend your energy will be the difference between an anxious January, or one full of excitement and progress.

Here are my 5 tips on how to create your dreams whilst in lockdown:

1. Focus within

Within our hearts, minds & souls is where most of the change takes place for any kind of dream. Once your inner world changes, things on the outside fall into place.

Allow your intuition to guide you to what needs to change in your inner world, and how. Take 10 mins to answer these questions in a journal:

  • Am I currently in alignment with my dream?
  • Do I need to focus on changing any of my thoughts, beliefs and conditioning in order to more easily align with my dream?
  • Ask your intuition for the next step on how to change your heart, mind or soul if needed.

2. Plans, visions & schemes

With any dream, before you take action, you need to get really clear on the vision, then spend quality time planning out what you need to do in order to succeed. This can be a really exciting part, as you get to dream up all the aspects of your beautiful dream goal!

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be a simple list in a journal, or a more expressive visionboard for your wall. After the initial visioning phase, open a new document and plan your action steps. Break it down as much as possible to make each step achievable.

3. Create within the new normal

It’s time to get creative. How can you edit your dream in order to start it now? Can you take it online? Is there a way you can take an aspect of your dream and create something with that?

Your amazing mind will have options and answers. Take 10 mins to sit with your dream, imagine it as it’s own little energy and have a convo. Ask it things like:

  • How can I start you within lockdown?
  • Can I change you in some way in order to create you now?
  • Is there an aspect of you that is most important to focus on, or that needs to be out there in the world that I can do online?

4. Work on the atmosphere & energy

This may not be suitable for all dreams, but could be a lovely way to invite certain dreams in. Do you have the right atmosphere and energy to welcome your dream in when it’s ready? Do you need to declutter? Is your energy matching what you’re seeking?

5. Reconsider your priorities

Consider how this year has changed you. What has become most important to you? Are you honouring this, considering your dream goals?

Maybe the dream you thought you wanted to work on last year isn’t ready to manifest. Perhaps there’s another dream in your heart that needs to take priority this year.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read this? What could be a less obvious, but more important dream for you to work on? Maybe it’s more soulful, less physical. Or more health aligned and less business aligned?


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I hope these ideas bring you inspiration and hope to keep working towards your positive, light filled life! You get to turn a new page right now and choose this! :)

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