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It’s SO AWESOME that you’re here! Cup of tea?

The Happi Empire’s purpose is to translate deep spiritual wisdom into practical daily habits, helping you to undo negativity in your mind and remember who you are.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could undo all the layers of ego & return to who we really are?

I believe that we’re perfect love – a state of infinite bliss. But we’re unable to have this as our constant experience due to a firm set of beliefs that block the reality of love, also known as the ego.

Ego thoughts are the source of all suffering. Learning to undo the ego belief network is the way we return to our innate experience of love.

Everything created at The Happi Empire holds the intention to empower you to lessen suffering in all forms and reveal the love that was blocked.

Choose to read about the happi philosophy, or more about my story & how it came about.

Happi Philosophy
Meet Fran

I want to encourage you to choose peace in every situation. Choose relieving loving thoughts when you feel sad or frustrated, to step back into alignment with your soul. Take care of yourself – mind, body and spirit. Create your dreams.

So many people are getting lost in depression or anxiety these days. This is symbolising a massive difference between what you think you are and who you really are. When we are centred, have headspace and process our emotions and feelings, we are connected to who we really are and are therefore aligned and don’t feel depressed or anxious.


Happi is spelt like this because the i stands for INNER happiness!

If I choose to teach one thing, it is that your happiness is a reflection of how peaceful your mind is. If you have a happy mind, you will have a happy life. Everything I make is to train your mind to be happy.