Happi Maintenance Playsheet


*2019 Update*

This instantly downloadable PDF playsheet takes you through a daily process to practice regular self-care for your mind, body and spirit.

Self-care for mind, body & spirit is just as important as brushing ones teeth in the morn. Adding this playsheet to your morning routine will be wildly beneficial for a strong connection to you, and the maintenance of your inner happiness.

This beautiful, simple practice of self-care will balance out your energy and give you space to focus, process & give energy to the things that will make your life flow awesomely well.

The benefit of this Playsheet being an instant download is that you will have access to a lifetimes supply of this happy checklist! Just open, print and repeat :D

By filling up your own love tanks first, you will become all shiny and centred, so you can be of so much more help and service to all your loved ones, clients and the world.

The benefits of using this happi playsheet:

+ Set up your day with a positive intention

+ Keep your mind, body & spirit in healthy balance

+ Maintain your focus during the day

+ Keep up your physical energy levels

+ Maintain a positive mindset

+ Stay connected to your highest self


This is a digital product. You will receive a downloadable PDF, containing:

+ 3x full colour printable playsheet

+ 3x black and white printable playsheet (to conserve ink when printing)

+ Tips and benefits sheet

+ Bonus printable self care poster

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