Happy Balance action pad


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This handy little action pad takes you through processes to practice regular self-care for your mind, body and spirit :)

In my Happi Empire dream (it’s an actual place in my mind!), self-care for mind, body & spirit is just as important as brushing ones teeth in the morn. It’s just another thing we incorporate into our morning and is totally normal and usual.

It’s seems so wrong that we automatically put everyone else’s needs before our own and often don’t have time to focus on simple care practices for our mind, body & spirit. So many problems stem from this badly ordered list of priorities, including relationship problems, health issues and lack of spiritual faith & connection.

I want to enable you to create this beautiful, simple practice of self-care to balance out your energy and give yourself the space to focus, process & give energy to the things that will make your life flow awesomely well.

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The Happy Balance action pad is small, cute and pretty simple really – it will take you through a few processes for your mind, body and spirit every day so you have that reminder to focus and give energy to yourself. When you are all shiny and centred, you can be of so much more help and service to all your loved ones, clients and the world.

Pop this pad in your virtual shopping pocket today and commit to giving yourself the love you need for ultimate awesome, clarity and enlightenment :D



I’ve been using the Happy Balance Action Pad for a few days now and absolutely LOVE it. I bought it from The Pillow Fort website and it is exactly the tool I needed to help me in my current situation. I’m trying to do everything in my power to recover from CFS and a whole host of other issues and having the action pad on my desk has really made my days a lot brighter. 

Thank you for designing such a wonderful product!

~ Gabi, UK

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