Mini Action Pad Bundle


A wealth of happi tools! Get all 3 Mini Action Pads and set up a friend or yourself for an empowered, love-filled inner world!

Affirmation Creator

Identify negative beliefs that are causing upsetting situations to arise, and be empowered to change them by going through a simple process to create your perfect personal affirmation.

Create Your Dreams

Help manifest your desires, by bringing the feeling in today, taking small action steps and knowing when to surrender the how’s to the universe. Manifest anything you’d like with this awesome little action pad.

Happy Balance

Bring out the big guns and commit to cultivating a mind-nourishing, body-strengthening, spirit-sparkling self-care practice. Use this one daily, to set up your day with a positive intention and give yourself the clarity & focus you need to be the best possible you.

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