Self Care Gift Box


This Self Care Gift Box makes a wonderful gift for someone who deserves to spend more time on their wellbeing and happiness!

Packaged in a quality white box, you will find 6 sparkling delights to not only bring joy to the lucky receiver in the moment, but for the weeks and months to come. This package will soothe ones soul, set your mind-dial to positive and gently remind you to choose happiness as a way of living.

These products are also available individually – please browse my shop to see!

This gift pack includes:

Self Care Daily Playbook

The Self Care Playbook is brimming full of exercises and prompts to initiate self care for your mind, body & spirit! Contains guided pages full of questions and affirmations to lift you up, settle you down and guide you to recognise your amazing potential.

Create a self-love ritual, by checking in to monitor the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. Bonus exercises to mix it up and expand your consciousness, beautiful full colour affirmation pages to support you in creating a loving belief system. Plus a lovely pink ribbon to mark your progress!

Intention Anchor

The Intention Anchor is your reminder and guide for creating positive change. You will receive a soulful enamel pin and intention setting ritual guide.

Daily Wellbeing Pad

Bring out the big guns and commit to cultivating a mind-nourishing, body-strengthening, spirit-sparkling self-care practice. Use this pad daily, to set up your day with a positive intention and give yourself the clarity & focus you need to be the best possible you.


This ‘Dreams & Schemes’ notebook is perfect for dreamers, planners and conscious manifesters! This blank notebook is like the universe waiting for your directions… what dreams do you want to create with it?

Happy Thoughts Pen

A classy metal white & silver ball point pen, engraved with Happy Thoughts, as a reminder whilst you’re journalling your way to peace.

Happi Licence

With your very own Happi Licence, are are officially Licensed to be Happi! Another extremely positive reminder to choose happi thoughts, keep in your wallet for the juicy clouds of happiness to fill your life.

Gift Box

Your happi tools come in a pretty box to stay smart and protected.

Bonus: Printable 90 day Self Care Tracker

In addition to the beautiful gift box items, you will also receive a special link in your order confirmation to download the 90 Day Self Care Tracker, which comes complete with lots of Self Care ideas, reminder cards and the 90 Day Tracker to form a strong habit.

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This Self Care Gift Box makes a wonderful gift for someone who deserves to spend more time on their wellbeing and happiness! The Self Care Gift Box contains 6 positive treats and a bonus downloadable:

  • Self Care Playbook
  • Daily Wellbeing pad
  • Intention Anchor
  • Happi Licence
  • Happy Thoughts pen
  • Dreams & Schemes notebook
  • Bonus: Printable 90 day Self Care Tracker
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