Self Care Daily Playbook


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Brand New Self Care Daily Playbook, brimming full of exercises and prompts to initiate self care for your mind, body & spirit!

172 pages of questions and affirmations to lift you up, settle you down and guide you to recognise your amazing potential.

20 chapters guiding you to create a self-love ritual, by checking in to monitor the wellness of your mind, body and spirit.

20 beautiful, full colour affirmation pages to support you in creating a loving belief system.

1 lovely pink ribbon to mark your progress.


Do you ever feel depleted, disempowered, anxious or experience self-doubting thoughts? These are symptoms of an unsupportive belief system you’ve unconsciously built up throughout your life.

The processes in this playbook will help to unlock your perspective about yourself, as you slowly become aware of how powerful and amazing you actually are.


Inside, you will find guided exercises to:

  • be mindful
  • pamper yourself
  • express yourself
  • connect to your intuition
  • fuel and nourish your body
  • forgive & let go of stuff you don’t need
  • consciously co-create
  • change a belief
  • and more!


Using this playbook regularly will support you in feeling confident, courageous, peaceful and empowered to live out your deepest desires.

The time you spend exploring with this journal could be the greatest gift you give yourself :) xxx


“I received my Self Care Playbook yesterday and I love it already. From the clever exercises and fill-in fields that make you slow down and just be in the moment, to the beautiful artwork and the “love yourself” boost that you get from this book. Each page you turn is a new surprise and a reminder of how important YOU are. I really recommend it!” – Nina, Sweden

“Absolutely lovely and support self-care book. Really nicely made and a good mix of self-care encouragement. Exactly what I needed.”

“Thank you for this item. It is really helping me through a difficult time.”

“Amazing book! Just what I needed.”

“This work book is incredible! It asks the right questions and really prompts you to look inward and find your light! Thank you!”

“Wonderful item. Really helps with mental health issues and was sent very quickly! Thank you again Frances for your lovely book xx”

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What people are saying…

SalSal, Yoga and Barre Teacher at Life In Lotus

“Ok, I am IN LOVE with my new self-care book from The Happi Empire. 

It is so well made and designed and even though I know that there are a lot of them, I felt like this one was made purely for me! Somehow Fran has collated exactly the right questions, comments and exercises to prompt new ways of thinking. 

Each page is written so sensitively, it feels like I have my own self-care guru in my pocket! For someone who finds sitting still, reflecting and being at one with my thoughts quite hard, I found this book super useful.

It is a sort of step-by step instruction manual on how to experience and be with your thoughts whilst shifting your perspective and seeing things in a different light. At first glance, the pages can be seen as quite structured with lots of content, but they are expertly interspersed with creative pages in which you can draw, doodle, breathe and move. 

I have only been using this beauty of a book for a week and already I am beginning to appreciate aspects of my life which I previously would take advantage for. This book prompts you to think about your body and your mind, essentially forcing you to sit down, stop and think – something in this day and age a lot of people find hard to do!

Questions such as ‘what does my body crave’’, ‘’what nourishing treat can I have’’ or ‘’how can I move my body in a fun way today’’, are just a few ways in which this book allows you to experience your body. Aside from the physical prompts, the mindfulness approach is beautifully crafted to slow the pace of your mind down, to focus on your breathing and harness a calmer and more forgiving energy, whether than be towards yourself, or towards others. 

I would whole heartily recommend this Playbook to anyone who struggles with self confidence or self-love. Sometimes it is hard to do this on your own – now you don’t have to! Trust me, The Happi Empire has got your back.”

DaniDanielle Rickwood, The Abdominal Therapist

“This playbook is like taking an inventory of your inside world. What are you running low on? What are you overstocking on? What I have found to be most lovely is that it keeps me present to all the possibilities, however tricky and complicated life feels. To lovingly look at all the blocks we put up to living a much more peaceful, joyful life and to slowly begin to take them down.

It’s a perfect support dressed in pink, vibrating with heart chakra energy. This little playbook has your back and holds your heart gently. If you feel that you need gentle loving care and need to start somewhere safe and private, then this is a beautiful little addition to your daily self care routine, alongside brushing your teeth!”

AimeeAmy, Illustrator at Eggloo

“Being an illustrator, I love colour and design, so picking up the Playbook instantly inspires my creativity, (it is now a part of my stationary addiction!) and a tool to enhance and support what I do. I love the feel of the book, the fact that it’s hardback is brilliant, as it does not get creased or bent in my bag. I love the colour, the pink makes me feel instantly playful – layout and colours inside the book are wonderful. I especially love the quotes and pages/sections where you can either write or doodle your self care into creation. 

I really feel the Playbook making a difference, it is helping to highlight the areas of my life in which I subconsciously support negative beliefs and the areas of my life in which I have room to grow and evolve my passions. 

I love that you can pick up the Self Care book anytime of day and within minutes complete a practice or exercise of consciously caring for yourself. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in their health and wellbeing.

Such a simple health resource which takes up minimal time – I keep mine on my drawing desk during the day so that I can introduce ‘pockets of calm’ to my life and to remind myself of my goals, strengths and areas of growth… A wonderful tool for embracing the best you can be!”

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