Self Care Tracker


This is a printable PDF to support you in creating a self care practice!

I created it with the intention to help you stay on track with your self care practice, enabling you to feel balanced, supported and peaceful. Suffering makes your life grey, your heart heavy and your sense of purpose hopeless. So by forming a habit to practice Self Care regularly, you will feel more energised,
clear and empowered!

What’s included?

Inside the Self Care Tracker files, you’ll find:

+ Self Care ideas sheet
This is a handy list of inspiration for your self care practice. It covers ideas for your mind, body and spirit, but the list is by no means exhaustive and the best way to practice self care is to check in with yourself to see what you need in that moment. Hopefully this list will help you with ideas for when you feel stuck.

+ 90 Day Self Care Tracker
Although progress isn’t linear on the self care path, it can be encouraging & fun to monitor your progress. The 90 Day Self Care Tracker helps you create a habitual self care practice. Every day that you have some mindful me-time, tick off the day and note down how it felt and any shifts that you may have experienced.

+ Self Care Affirmations & Reminders
I always find it helpful to fill my life with reminders when I’m trying to form a new habit. Self care is something we each need to do alone, and must be driven by ourselves only. Cut out these reminders and place them in areas of your life for support – on your computer, in your wallet, by your bed or on your bathroom mirror.

The benefit of getting this in PDF format is that you will have access to a lifetimes supply of Self Care tracking! Just open, print + repeat :D

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