Become a Happi Affiliate

Are you a natural Happi Affiliate?

Are you…

+ A health coach, life coach or transformation coach, with clients interested in improving their inner world?

+ An energy healer, spiritual teacher or workshop leader with clients interested in self-development?

+ A fan of The Happi Empire, have used the products and found them to be really helpful in your personal life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are definitely a natural Happi Affiliate!

You will be able to recommend these products with love, knowing that they’re going to greatly benefit the owner – this is most definitely the most heart-centred, loving way to sell happi products.

In return, the karma-fairies will send you 20% of every sale that comes through your affiliate link.

The Happi Empire products

Earn Happi Money

The Happi Empire products are created to help empower people to deal with the challenges that we all come up against in life, in a dignified, responsible way.

By stepping back and sitting in self-reflection, nurturing gratitude and self-love, we are able to lead life in a more peaceful, confident and happy way.

Becoming a Happi Affiliate is your chance to offer your clients, readers or friends the amazing tool of on-going self-reflection and inner-happiness!

What’s so great about recommending The Happi Empire products is that you know you’re offering something that will nurture and empower your fellow human beans, so there’s no shame in beaming, proudly, how rad the products are and how people should totally check out the link!

+ The Happi Empire offers 20% of every completed order that is sent through your affiliate link.

+ You will be able to log in to see the progress of your account

You will get paid your Happi Affiliate earnings (Happi Money!) at the end of every month

As an incentive, if you earn £40+ with your affiliate link within a month, you will receive a free happi product of your choice

You will have access to resources, helping you spread the happi word, including images, blog, social media & newsletter suggestions.


It’s a win-win-win!

I get a lot of referrals from other blogs and websites where people like you have recommend the happi product range, and I wanted to set something up to give back.

It’s a win for  you  (the referrer) – you make money for recommending products that you’re passionate about and know will help your clients, readers or friends.

It’s a win for the customer – happi products will reach more people, the people that are really searching for valuable tools to support them on their journey.

It’s a win for me – The Happi Empire expands to reach more and more people who are looking for tools to support them with their inner happiness journey.