Positive Wholesale Gifts

Unique Happiness and Mindfulness Products for your Customers!

Are you looking to add some positive products to your range? The Happi Empire products can provide your customers with really unique, helpful gifts for happiness and positivity. The current wholesale range consists of:

Happi Cards (affirmation card deck)
Self Care Playbook (hardback guided journal)
Gratitude Journal (hardback guided journal)
Boost book (inspiring illustrated book)
Daily Wellbeing Pad (mindful desk pad)
Inspiration and tools for a mindful lifestyle

Happi products have been used in a variety of creative ways, including retreat gifts, retail, subscription boxes, coaching packages, part of gift hamper, workshop goody bags.

Please get in touch today if you’re interested in including the Happi range in your business!

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  • Please note, there is a minimum order requirement of £75 to qualify for the wholesale discount.