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Do you resonate with The Happi Empire products?

The Happi Empire journals, card decks, action pads and prints

If you think your customers would benefit from the practical, empowering processes these products offer, I welcome you to contact me for wholesale orders.

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The Happi products have been used in a variety of creative ways, including retreat gifts, retail, subscription boxes, coaching packages, part of gift hamper, workshop goody bags.

I can offer you 50% off selected Happi products for wholesale orders, plus P&P. The minimum order amount is £75.

“Symbolic Journey is a retail outlet for Happi Cards and we have been selling them for 6 years.

I am very impressed with their individual, creative and inspiring messages, which are colorfully packaged and a real eye-catching counter product.  They are very different to other guidance cards, as they are so easy to use, small enough for travellers to take with them on their journeys and don’t take up too much space on the office desk or shop counter.

I have a customer who continues to buy them – she is a therapist who gives one to each of her clients after their treatment session.  They are always gratefully received, and some of her clients come into the shop to purchase their own box.

I highly recommend Happi Cards as a great product for a distributor and/or retailer to add to their stock list.”

– Sue Harwood, Owner of Symbolic Journey, Noosa, Australia

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